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Surf Trips

Come surf uncrowded breaks

Surf Trips

For experienced surfers seeking endless waves at more advanced breaks, join me on a Surf Trip. With my expert local knowledge throughout Jalisco and Nayarit, I will create an adventure that brings you to uncrowded beach, reef, and point breaks within and beyond the Bay of Banderas. 


I will meticulously analyze swells directions, tides, and wind conditions to ensure an optimal experience on the waves. Come dawn patrol with me for an incredible time riding uncrowded line-ups.

Inside the Bay

Inside the Bay of Banderas - $110 USD

There are a variety of surf breaks from the south to north side. Each break is unique and can behave differently depending on the local swell, wind, and tide conditions. Knowing where and when to go is the biggest challenge. So let me expertly guide you to the best spots for an optimal surf trip.

To learn more about the local swell conditions and where you can surf inside the Bay of Banderas and what the local surf conditions are like click here.


For advanced surfers seeking a full day surf experience to an uncrowded surf break, a Surf Trip Outside the Bay of Banderas might be perfect for you.

Outside the Bay

Outside the Bay of Banderas - $180 USD

Seeking an epic surf trip further out for uncrowded surf breaks that only a few people outside of the locals surf? Go with a trusted professional who can handle all the logistics and navigate the local surf scene so you ride surf new waves. Let me create a beautiful and unique immersive surf trip in Paradise.


What's included



Full surf gear, (leash, board and UV-50 rash guard), tent for shade, and a protein bar snack.



I do pick-up and drop-off at your hotel or a nearby designated location.



I personally ensure that you will have a safe, high quality, and memorable experience.

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