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About us!

Puerto Vallarta Surfing was founded in 2010 by Jose "Pepe" Figueroa who has 35 years of surfing experience and was a member of the Mexican National surf team several times over. He has evolved his professional experience into teaching at an expert level to share his passion with you. With Pepe you can be assured our main priority is your safety and building your confidence so you can maximize your wave count.


After each wave you catch, we will elaborate on the right and wrongs of each ride so your technique can be corrected, and you can continue to enjoy your session while improving on each ride. We love sharing our passion and will do our best to make your experience an unforgettable one!. Surfing has a lot of elements and for you to be successful we will share all we know for your well-being!

Pepe Figueroa riding a wave

PV Surfing experiences!

Join our Puerto Vallarta Surfing guides and enjoy a unique and authentic Surfing Experience while you are on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Whether you book a Surf Lesson, Surf Tour or an SUP excursion we guarantee your surfing day in Puerto Vallarta will be nothing short of extraordinary!

Join our experienced surf team and our general manager "Pepe" Figueroa, to share the passion of real surfing in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and the Banderas Bay area.

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Surf Lessons

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Surf Trips

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Surf Coaching



I had a wonderful day surfing with Pepe's help. Picked me up, drove us to a great spot for my skill level, and did all the heavy lifting to make sure I had as much surf time as I could handle. As a teacher myself, I really appreciated his grasp of where I was in my journey and his clear, constructive feedback. If I'm ever back in PV, I'll definitely be reaching out again!

Tim Elliot

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