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When and Where to Surf

What's the Swell About?

The great news about surfing in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas is that there is pretty consistent swell all-year round. So whether you have booked a trip during the high season when it's cold in Vancouver but the waves are pumping in Nayarit or during the shoulder-season when the prices have cooled down in Vallarta - there are still great waves to be ridden.  Or if you prefer truly uncrowded breaks and don't mind the sultry temps of the low-season, then coming to surf with me is always an option. 

Local Surf Forecast

Check out the local surf forecast for Puerto Vallarta

You can check the swell forecast for other local surf spots in Banderas Bay here.

Where to Surf

Planning a surf trip? Check out the various surf spots inside Banderas Bay. Note, many of these are intermediate to advanced level breaks.

There are also many lesser-known surf breaks Outside the Bay of Banderas for experienced surfers who chase the swell.

I offer surf trips to both Inside the Bay and Outside the Bay. Join me on a Surf Trip to surf the perfect waves for your skills set and surfing goals.

Surf Spots - Inside the Bay of Banderas

Surf Breaks Map - where to surf from Puerto Vallarta throughout Banderas Bay

San Pancho (San Francisco)

  • Laid-back surfing close to Sayulita.

  • Variety of waves for different skill levels.

  • Mainly mellow waves, great for beginners and intermediates.

  • Can get more powerful during big swells.



  • Vibrant surf town near Punta de Mita.

  • Consistent waves for all levels.

  • Mellow waves, perfect for beginners.

  • Offers challenges for experienced surfers during larger swells.


La Lancha

  • Located in Punta Mita.

  • Consistent, high-quality waves.

  • Reef breaks with long, peeling rides.

  • Suitable for all skill levels.

Burros Beach Break

  • Along the Banderas Bay coastline.

  • Popular spot with reliable waves.

  • Mellow waves suitable for all levels.

  • Can get powerful during big swells.


Playa Varadero

  • Offers consistent waves year-round.

  • Mainly beach break with sandy bottom.

  • Waves suitable for all skill levels.

  • Mellow waves, ideal for beginners.

  • Can get more challenging during larger swells.


  • Variety of waves for different levels.

  • Mainly beach break, consistent for beginners.

  • Offers excitement for experienced surfers during larger swells.

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